The Best I Have To Give – For the Day He Leaves Home

The Best I Have to Give - For The Day He LeavesOn this weeks, ‘The Best I Have To Give’ post, my friend Suzi Soares is sharing her insight with us. Suzi is a really special mom. If she has fears, I don’t know what they are. I watch her parent her 3 babies (who aren’t really babies anymore), and I’m amazed at how she blends being a mom with following her passions.

I’ve heard it said that if you want to find contentment in choosing your workplace, you need to figure out where your passion meets a need. Suzi has used her knowledge and passion to create a Special Needs Inclusion program within Liquid Church. She has fearlessly stepped out to use her passion to fill a need in the world, and her innovative programming has allowed families who have children with special needs to attend a place of worship and feel included and cared for.

I am constantly amazed at Suzi’s heart for others and the attention she gives to caring for those around her. And, she does it while balancing her family life. Suzi, I’m so thankful for the influence you are in the lives of so many around me. Enjoy her wise words.

No one warned me. I mean, everyone told me to enjoy every moment of motherhood when our son Alex was born. They told me it goes by too fast, and I smiled and nodded as if I understood, but I had no idea what that really meant.

The summer before Alex started school, I choked back tears weekly (okay, maybe daily) as we counted down the days till the start of Kindergarten. With his two younger siblings in tow, we made grand plans for every day. I wanted to make memories that would last a lifetime because something inside of me told me this was more than just a new beginning.

For five years Alex had spent all of his days with me. I loved watching him grow and teaching him to discover new things. He loved to learn, and I loved answering his endless amount of questions, particularly his interest in vocabulary. It was not uncommon for us to reach for the dictionary several times a day!  But I knew this was all about to change because as he started Kindergarten he began to take one tiny step at a time away from me, and towards independence. There was no turning back, and I knew what I had to do to prepare him. We even practiced eating from a lunch box at home so he would know how to do it by himself.

I had to support and promote his independence because I wasn’t raising him for just that day.

He’s now a young teen, and I am faced with another calendar as we plan our summer before he begins high school next fall. It may be a bigger milestone but I feel the same sting in my heart as I did during the summer before Kindergarten. It’s actually growing a little stronger as I recognize the day he will leave home is closer in sight. Alex doesn’t need me like he used to, but he still loves to ask questions. Thank God for Google! He continues to take small steps towards independence but I still struggle in the letting go.

The well-wishers told me to enjoy every moment of motherhood almost 14 years ago, and I agree it does go by too fast. But there’s one thing they forgot to tell me. Parent for the day he leaves home. I see more and more how my job has been and continues to be for that day. I must choose what will be best for him in the big picture — not just for today. It might not always be the most convenient or the most popular, and I certainly won’t always do it right, but as I filter decisions through this grid, I know it will be worth it on the day he leaves home.

Suzi and Alex Soares

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