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Teen Prasso ReviewI’ve always struggled to consistently study the Bible with Laine. We talk about it a lot. We recall scripture and discuss God and Jesus and have lots of conversations about how the Holy Spirit is moving around us. But I haven’t prioritized studying the Bible with her. I always have good intentions. Every year I Google and shop, and hit up the Christian bookstore looking for something we could do together that isn’t either too in depth for my picky teenager, or too ‘lame’ for her taste…

Teen Prasso MinistriesThen, I received Teen Prasso in the mail! A product from Prasso Ministries, the Teen Prasso set includes a Teacher’s Manual and Student Homework Manual (sold separately). These 2 physical books came with thick, durable covers and quality spiral binding. The teacher’s manual includes 13 group lessons, with 6 days of at-home study for the first 12 lessons in the homework manual. The group lessons consist of a story portion that is read aloud, discussion questions, prayer, and Bible memory. The student manual has paragraphs to read, scripture to look up, and questions to answer.

This study is written to be used with a youth group, or a number of teens together. While tailoring it to be for just my one teenager was not difficult, it was clearly intended for a youth leader to work through with their small group. Ideally, the product would be used like this: A youth leaders meets with her students on Sunday (or any day), and works through one complete lesson with them from the teacher’s manual. She would read the story, challenge them with group discussion questions, and pray with them. They would continue the study on their own the other 6 days of the week in their homework manuals, then come back to group to discuss, and continue with the next lesson.

Teaching LessonsIn a homeschool setting, it essentially works the same. We chose Wednesday to be the day we sat down together to read the lesson and continue the story. The other days, Laine worked through the homework on her own. One awesome thing about the teacher’s manual is that there is little to no prep work needed to effectively lead teens through it. Reading it over before hand (just so you know what’s coming) is about all you have to do. Three cheers for simplicity!

The story portion centers around 2 adventurous teen brothers who head out into the mountains for a week of camping. But… they forget their map! Using key verses that focus on a different part of the story, it begins by talking about the path we are on in life. Where we are today, where we want to be, and what do we need to do to get there? These were the big questions right out of the gate.

Student JournalI thought my daughter might find the story to be a bit boring, but as we read, she is engaged, interested, and even vocalizes that she is anxious to know what happens to the boys next! She willingly sits down with me, and, with only mild hesitation, will discuss the topics in the book, some of which are personal, and test her faith. I think she would probably be more honest or open to asking questions with her youth leaders, one reason why this study is a little bit trickier as a homeschool curriculum. I know, however, that even if she isn’t being 100% open with me, she’s still pondering the delicate issues in the story.

On the Prasso Ministries website, you will see that they also have an adult study, and it has been translated into a number of languages. You can purchase the study online as well, at a discounted rate. I found their webpage to be a bit confusing. For example, when I clicked on the ‘Get Prasso’ button, their product shopping page, the first products I saw were in French, and there seemed to be no order to the listings. I also expected that there would be more studies for teens, but currently, this is the only one they are offering. I would love to continue this type of study all year long, and would be excited to see that Prasso Ministries developed a number of studies for teens.

What Did We Think?
Teen Prasso is fantastic. I’m thrilled we recived this product, and can’t wait to finish our lessons together. I’m so thankful a company made Bible study with my teen so approachable, interesting, and meaningful. Here is a list of topics covered in the book:

  • God, your Heavenly Father
  • God’s Love
  • Pressure
  • Anger
  • Forgiveness
  • Pride
  • Selfishness
  • Focus
  • and many more….

Don’t these seem like just the things you need to talk about with your kids? The content is so relevant and important!

There is no need to scramble, or search for Bible curriculum for the fall. Just pick up Teen Prasso – a teacher’s manual for yourself, and one homework manual for each of your teens.
You will not be sorry you embarked on the journey!

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2 comments on Teen Prasso {Curriculum Review}

  1. Cathie
    July 10, 2015 at 3:04 pm (3 years ago)

    I love hearing how God used this in your life and your daughters. I’ve done the adult study myself and along with many other people. In my opinion, by far the best study ever written. Mostly because it’s personal… heart questions and direct scripture to speak into each topic. Not a “Bible Study” where you study someone else’s thoughts about the topic they’ve studied and is trying to pass along. Just me and the Holy Spirit and words directly from scripture that are very applicable to anyone for any heart need.

    • amygarwood
      July 10, 2015 at 10:49 pm (3 years ago)

      YES! It is SO personal. I loved how it made my daughter really think about her decisions, her opinions, and the path she is on. SO good. Couldn’t be happier. Hope they make more!


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