Simple Snowflake DIY for Winter Time

Simple Snowflake DIYI’m not crafty or artistic, really. My hands don’t have the knack for taking household items and random things from my recycle bin, and turning them into something I would hang on my wall or my Christmas tree, or give to you as a gift. I’m a prime subject for a “Nailed It” Pinterest post!

But I do love to decorate! 

And surprisingly, despite my lack of skill, I like to make things, even though what I usually create is sure to be a disastrous waste of supplies and self-esteem. But I found an easy wintery craft idea that your older kids (12 and up) and even the most artistically challenged of us can handle! And I made some! And you know what – they look pretty darn good.

There are tons of beautiful tutorials online that detail how to make these simple and pretty decorations. I took my inspiration from a group of images I found on Pinterest, which unfortunately links to nowhere.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake snowflake 2 snowflake 3

If these images belong to you, or you know where the original post is, please let me know – I’d love to give some credit for these beauties!


As I said, there are tutorials, but I simply used these photos as a guide.

Here’s my supply list:

Popsicle Sticks – lots! (I bought this box of 300 from Walmart) 
A hot glue gun
Colored acrylic paint (I bought this Apple Barrel paint that was only 50 cents for 2oz this week!)
Paint brushes

The hardest part of this project was lining up the popsicle sticks. It can be a bit tricky to make proper corners, and may take some practice, especially for younger hands. That and not burning yourself with the glue gun. Like I did. Twice.

Whether you paint before you assemble or after is up to you. I tried both ways and found both to be a bit problematic. When I painted before I assembled, the sticks stuck to the newspaper as they dried. I also got a lot of paint on my fingertips (but luckily the acrylic paint washes off very easily). When I assembled first and then painted, it was difficult to get the paintbrush into all the joints of the snowflakes, but somehow seemed faster than the other way. So both had their pros and cons.

Alternatively, you could totally outsmart me, and buy THESE! I decided against these because, after shipping and needing 2 boxes, I would be spending a bit more money. I also wouldn’t have been able to control the color, as the red I chose is a bit deeper and richer than these. But if you can find a color you like, the pre-painted is definitely worth a few extra dollars.

Here are a few pictures from my very Martha-Stewart-like crafting session yesterday.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake


While it’s a bit dark, you can see in the back where my edges need to be retouched with red paint. Definitely a bit tedious!



Popsicle Stick Snowflake


 A clearer image of the joints that need to be thoroughly painted for these to look nice!


Popsicle Stick Snowflake


The almost finished product!





And.. are you ready to see the final product hanging on my wall?

Snowflakes on Mantle

Not too shabby for a non-crafty girl like me!

For a great popsicle stick snowflake tutorial by a really smart lady who spray-painted hers, check out this post on Snapguide! Let me know what you think, and if you’ve got a craft you think I might actually be able to handle, I’d love for you to share below!


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