Rio 2


The sequel to the 2011 box office blockbuster picks up in Rio De Janeiro, where Blu and Jewel are living the ‘city life’ with their three young children.  When Linda and Tulio think they’ve found more Blue Macaws in the Amazon, Jewel feels the pull of the jungle, summoning her to return to her wild roots.  She convinces her family (and some friends) to come along on an adventure that takes them deep into the lush (and uncivilized) world of the rain forest.

The story takes some interesting turns, exploring the ethics of clear cutting in the Amazon, finding family, and uncovering parts of the characters they had forgotten existed.  Audiences will cheer as Blu and Jewel discover the rituals of life in the Amazon and try to save their habitat from the devastation of deforestation.  The flare of Rio returns with bright bold colors, gorgeous picturesque landscapes of Brazil, and the same fantastic cast of hilarious characters, plus a few new ones, as well.  Let’s just say there’s a ‘venomous’ tree frog in love with a macabre Nigel, planning revenge.

Rio-2Flawless animation will make you want to head to Rio on your next vacation.  I was enthralled by how an animated movie captures the energy of the city.  The amazon comes alive with snakes and other animals, and music that will make you want to get up out of your seat and dance.  Or at least, your kids will!  A catchy score, choreographed beautifully will be the highlight of the movie.

Not to be missed on the big screen in eye catching 3D, Rio 2 is sure to make a big splash at the box office, opening April 11th, 2014!  Now… who wants to head to the 2016 Olympic Games with me?

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