No, I Didn’t Stop Being Grateful!

Amy Gord and Laine sixmoresummers.comA few months ago, I started a project on this blog called ‘365 Grateful.’  I loved it.  Truly, participating in this project has made me happier and more thoughtful.  Each day, I would take a picture of something I was thankful for, and post it to my blog.  I began on January 1st, and since then, I have been much more content in my life here in New Jersey.  I’ve been more patient.  I’ve been more focused.  I’ve always tried to be a grateful person, but intentional thanksgiving each and every day is a powerful tool for healthy and happy living.  I’m convinced of that!

About a month ago, I stopped posting my 365 Grateful posts.  I even took my 365 Grateful page down!  But NO!  I didn’t stop being grateful.  Quite the opposite – but I have found that the things I am really grateful for in each day are often not something I could capture in digital form.  Or, I would be enjoying a moment with someone in my life, a phone call, a conversation, a moment in time I just didn’t want to interrupt to take a picture.  In an effort to live intentionally and presently, I couldn’t always stop what I was doing to get out my camera.

In February, there were nights where I would realize I had nothing to post, but I could think of many things I was thankful for.  This lead me to realize that possibly, a public declaration of my thankfulness through photos wasn’t absolutely necessary.  Perhaps it was enough just to live in thankfulness each day, and allow it to change me for the better.

For things I couldn’t physically take photos of, I decided to keep a little list on my phone of things that really stood out to me as moments in time I was incredibly thankful for.  I am going to share some of my favorites with you here from time to time!

Here are a few moments of the last few months that I was especially grateful for.

One of the hardest things about coming to NJ was giving up my employment.  It was a blow to my ego to have no way to contribute to our home financially, since I’d always taken care of my own finances, without help from a husband.  A few weeks ago, Gord and I were talking about our budget, and he referred to his paycheck as “our money.”  Our Money!  I was so thankful that he sees me as an equal partner in our finances.

Laine and I were talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  I said my resolution was to be more thankful this year, hence, 365 Grateful.  She looked me in the eye, and, with a straight face, said, “My resolution is to wear more leather.”  Then, we both burst out into a fit of laughter.  I’m so grateful she’s got such a fantastic sense of humor.

We live in an old house with hot water radiators, and there is something nostalgic and comforting about them.  There are many things about them, though, that are just frustrating.  For example, we have to remember to go down into our basement and run water into our furnace, or they stop working.  We aren’t very good at remembering.  One morning, we woke up to a frigid house.  The heat had gone off in the night. Gord could have woken me to go to the basement while he got ready for work, but instead, he did it himself, and brought me an extra warm blanket, covered me up, and let me sleep.  That’s love, folks.

I’m also really thankful for my sister-in-law, Erin Shepley, who used her photographic talents to take some gorgeous family photos of us over Christmas, on Lake Erie, in Ontario.  She took the picture of us above.  It was freezing cold that day, but she was a trooper, and spent a long time outdoors with us, capturing some great moments.  Check out her blog here!

I have lots of little tidbits like this written down, and I’ll continue to share them from time to time. I hope they inspire you to be thankful for the little moments that make our lives wonderful, and for the kindness the people around you show you daily.  

What little things are you thankful for these days?

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