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Koru NaturalsI live in cozy apartment, with lots of beautiful details. Glass door knobs, charming old doors, original moldings that are almost a century old… I love to come home to this place that makes me feel so comfortable, and reminds me of the rich history of the eastern seaboard.

But… my house comes with a few other ‘original’ fixtures that are less pleasant than some of the finer details around me. Like drafty windows and hot water radiators. Our house is chronically dry in the winter months. So when given the chance to review some wellness products from Koru Naturals, I jumped at the chance! It was a very exciting day when a small box arrived containing Emu Oil, and Manuka Oil and Active Manuka Honey Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Emu OilI was skeptical about the Emu Oil, so I did some research. Emu Oil is actually taken from the fat of emus. It is used in many medicines that are administered orally to battle cholesterol levels, help with coughs, and even weight loss. The Emu Oil that I received is to be used topically, and can be used for a great number of health benefits. It can reduce inflammation, help decrease aches in joints, improve healing of wounds and burns, and even reduce scarring. For every day skin care, it can help soften cuticles and promote healthier nail growth, help with diaper rash, soothe dry, cracked hands, reduce the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, and aid with the symptoms of many other conditions.

IMG_20150304_171006The Emu Oil I received is thick and milky looking. On the Koru Naturals website, I learned that some companies clarify their oil, but this Emu Oil is unclarified. The clarification process removes the active ingredients in the product, so the milky texture proves that the Emu Oil will be more potent than if it was clear. It contains vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids that absorb quickly into the skin.

My husband and I used this oil every day for a few weeks. We found we needed a small amount of oil, only a dime sized dollop, for our hands or elbows. While we had just a 2 oz bottle, it lasted and we still have plenty leftover that we will continue to use. We saw our dry, cracked hands and elbows transform into smooth, healthy skin. We were amazed at how quickly the oil absorbed, leaving our skin feeling smooth, and not at all oily.

While I have naturally oily skin on my face and do not tend to need to add any, I was interested to learn that this oil can be applied to the face to soothe dry skin, decrease acne redness and even remove makeup.

Shampoo and ConditionerMy husband has many allergies including nuts, seeds and eggs. We assumed he would be able to use the Emu Oil, but were more concerned with the Manuka Oil & Active Manuka Honey Shampoo.

We were pleasantly surprised. The shampoo & conditioner both have a relaxing but refreshing scent of pleasant peppermint with lavender and rosehip. I tend to wake up with a stuffed up sinus cavity due to the dry air in my home, and this actually helps my nasal passages open up each morning as I shampoo! The shampoo & conditioner instructions both ask that they are massaged into the entire hair shaft from scalp to tip, and then left for a few minutes. The shampoo leaves a light tingle that is not unpleasant, unlike other peppermint infused products I have used.

I have used this shampoo almost daily for over a month and have found that it leaves my hair shiny and soft, but still very manageable. I have shorter hair, and don’t find the need to condition every day, but use it instead every few days, and find it is an excellent detangler and leaves an adequate amount of moisture in my hair without weighing it down.

My husband had no adverse reactions to the shampoo, which is a huge benefit for him. To say he saw a huge difference in his inch-long hairs would be exaggerating! Most men don’t have too many troubles in that area. But to find a shampoo that didn’t give produce an allergic reaction is a huge win for him, and we are thrilled to have found a solid shampoo we know is safe for his temperamental skin. Because Manuka Oil & Honey are naturally anti-bacterial, and antiseptics, these products are excellent for oily scalps.

Koru NaturalsAll of the products I was able to test were in good quality bottles with secure lids that easily snapped open and closed. I could dispense product easily with one hand, and experienced no leakage whatsoever. The labels have not peeled, even when regularly wet. The ingredients and instructions are clearly marked, which for an allergy ridden family like mine, is of significant assistance to me.

If you like the idea of using natural wellness products, but don’t like the price tag, Koru Naturals will pleasantly surprise in that area as well. These products are affordable and effective – 2 things which don’t often go hand-in-hand in the natural wellness market.

Things I didn’t love
I felt that, even for my short hair, I needed to use more shampoo than if I was buying a bottle at the drug store. This seemed to be because I was looking for the thick lather than I am accustomed to getting. It’s possible that, because this shampoo is not full of detergents and foaming agents, it just doesn’t lather much, which is probably a good thing! But it does take a bit of getting used to.

I would recommend Emu Oil for anyone who regularly uses a moisturizer, or topical creams or lotions for common skin conditions. It can replace an over the counter treatment for a huge number of every day issues. The shampoo & conditioner will leave your hair smooth and manageable, and the worst part about using them will be that eventually you have to rinse them away, and the lovely smell will dissolve down the drain.

Go ahead, mama (or dad!). Treat yourself to something that’s good for your body and good for your soul. And I wouldn’t blame you if you hid your goods from your little ones. I did!

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Koru Naturals Review

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