IndoctriNation – Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America {Documentary Review}

IndoctriNation MovieScottish Filmmaker, Colin Gunn, travels around America in an old yellow school bus in, IndoctriNation, a feature length documentary about the association of public schools and the decline of Christianity in America. This eye-opening look at America’s ‘Government Schools,’ by Great Commission Films, gives the viewer an in-depth look at the current state of our school system.

The movie has a run time of just shy of 1hr and 50 minutes. It is professionally filmed and edited, and is no small time production! It is the winner of 2 awards at the San Antonio International Christian Film Festival. The DVD was of high quality, and came professionally sealed and packaged. It can be purchased on the website.

When I considered reviewing this documentary, I assumed that I would be disappointed and annoyed by it. My family did not homeschool because we hated public schools! We homeschooled for many other reasons, and so, I’ve always been a bit frustrated by those who say “All Christians should be homeschooling because the Bible commands us to.” I have many family and friends who teach, and even recently proclaimed “My Top 10 Reasons to Love Public Schools!”

I watched this DVD on my own, and was able to have a fantastic discussion with my husband about the topics in the video. While IndoctriNation does not necessarily convince me that everything that happens inside a public school is bad, it did, however, open our eyes to many compelling and convicting facts about public schools that we hadn’t thought of before. I’m positive that this will be a documentary I watch again and refer back to, especially as I defend my decision to homeschool to family and friends.

I’ve always been happy to keep my daughter out of the social scene of high school. But I had not considered the implications of the curriculum, the teachers, and the overall God-less nature of the public system. And like many of my friends who’s children are in public schools, I had always considered the notion of Christian children and teachers being the ‘salt and light’ in a dark place as valid. But IndoctriNation showed me a very opposite side of that coin, and it definitely makes me question how I feel about that idea.

IndoctrinationIndoctriNation is definitely made by Christians, for Christians. It would not be the best documentary to give your atheistic or agnostic friends who may be interested in homeschooling. It’s aim is directed at convincing Christian parents to remove their children from public schools, and homeschool them instead.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cast of the film. Gunn interviewed a very wide range of industry professionals and experts, which included teachers, principals, politicians, education specialists, judges and authors. Students and parents were also used in the film, including the father of a Columbine victim. His story alone emphasizes the extreme responsibility we have to be sure we know the possible ramifications of our actions – including how, where, and with whom we educate our children.

What I didn’t like:
I wasn’t thrilled with the emphasis on sexual education, including the indoctrination issue with regards to homosexuality. I personally don’t feel that most sexual education is appropriate in schools at all. But there was a lot of emphasis on this topic, which is a highly debatable subject in all sorts of Christian circles. I don’t think it added to the film or was necessary.

What I really liked:
The emphasis on scripture and how the movie consistently looked to the Bible to solidify the claims made. It was uplifting and refreshing to hear clear reasoning coupled with God’s word regarding this topic. Also, Gunn takes us on a ‘bus ride through the history of public education.’ I’m a sucker for a good timeline, and the movie brilliantly explains the origins of public education, from the 1600’s until now.

This movie is a perfect watch for current homeschoolers, as it will give you new found determination to stay on the path that you are on. It’s also excellent for Christians who are on the fence about homeschool, or who are questioning public schools in general. It’s a great watch for teachers, and especially for parents who feel it is their responsibility to place their kids in public schools as ‘salt and light.’

I’m excited to recommend this documentary to you. I know it will give you lots to ponder, and consider as you make decisions for the welfare of your kids. 


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