Homeschooling on the Fly!

homeschooling on the flyAre you faced with the decision to homeschool and don’t know where to begin? Are you short on time but want to give your kids something meaningful to do in place of public education? It can be daunting. In America, homeschoolers are currently thinking and praying for parents in British Columbia, Canada, where an extended teacher strike is keeping kids out of school. While there are many reasons for having to homeschool, we know that it is stressful, and can seem overwhelming!

Thankfully, there are many helpful and wonderful blogs that can help get you started, and tons of free and easily accessible curriculum online, ready to be printed, or completed directly on your computer.

This page is a link-up, which means people who homeschool now can post links to curriculum, helpful articles, and tips for how to homeschool your kids. My hope is that it provides you with some ideas and inspiration to get started.

I’m going to share with you one website where your Middle and High Schoolers can begin to continue their education¬†today. I’m always impressed at how the Khan Academy makes learning¬†so many things accessible to everyone for FREE!

Take a look through the links to see what people are doing out there, and get some inspiration for helping your kids learn right at your kitchen table!

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