Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

The Perfect Grilled CheeseWho even knew there was such a thing as National Grilled Cheese Day?!? Grilled Cheese is just a North American staple, isn’t it? Seems like around my house, it’s always an option for a quick lunch or late night snack, especially for my hubby. It’s truly his go-to meal when he is left to his own cooking devices!

My beautiful friend Daniela and her husband love to cook, and they’ve blogged their signature grilled cheese recipe, so in honor of this most prestigious day, I’m sending you over to, ‘Sweeter Than The Day Before’ to learn how to make your next grilled cheese day just that much better. They even make the claim that if you master this delicacy, you won’t need ketchup to dip it in! Try telling that to my husband!

Without further ado, enjoy this little pleasure from Daniela and Brandon!

Visit ‘Sweeter Than The Day Before’

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