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easter bunny laine

The Bunny…. the weirdest part about easter.

I never quite understood the tradition of the Easter Bunny.  To my mother’s great lament, I didn’t even practice the Easter Bunny ritual with my daughter.  I just gave her a basket of goodies.  Love mom, and Jesus. And though I feel pretty confident I have no photos of her with an Easter Bunny, I do […] Read more…

The Perfect Grilled Cheese

Happy Grilled Cheese Day!

Who even knew there was such a thing as National Grilled Cheese Day?!? Grilled Cheese is just a North American staple, isn’t it? Seems like around my house, it’s always an option for a quick lunch or late night snack, especially for my hubby. It’s truly his go-to meal when he is left to his […] Read more…