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Koru Naturals

Koru Naturals {Product Review}

I live in cozy apartment, with lots of beautiful details. Glass door knobs, charming old doors, original moldings that are almost a century old… I love to come home to this place that makes me feel so comfortable, and reminds me of the rich history of the eastern seaboard. But… my house comes with a […] Read more…

Gift Wrap Palette 2014

2014 Gift Wrap Palette

There is something special about gift wrapping. It builds anticipation… The excitement in the eyes of a toddler about to rip into a huge shiny box is equally as beautiful to see as the love in a woman’s eyes when she is handed a small, simply wrapped jewelry box. For us non-crafty ones, gift wrapping […] Read more…

Keep Warm and Cozy with Six More Summers

My Favorite Things For December

It came without warning. Well, OK, I had many months worth of warnings. But still, I wasn’t ready for it. I’m talking about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season of WINTER. The only good things about this awful time of the year are: Christmas, and New Year’s, and ALL of our birthdays, and […] Read more…