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Keys, Dreams & Freedom

Something amazing happened to us!  Actually, we planned it and chose it and did it to ourselves, my hubby and me.  But it happened, and it feels incredible.  We became financially debt free.  Everyone – all together – cheer and clap in celebration of our long awaited success, and then breathe a huge sigh of […] Read more… Homework Hell

How We Escaped Homework Hell

It’s 7pm.  You are elbows deep in dish water scrubbing pans from cooking dinner.  The TV is loudly blaring from the family room and you are hollering that your oldest kids need to finish their homework.  Your littlest is peeling around the kitchen in messy clothes with remnants of macaroni and cheese stuck in her […] Read more…

Celeb Posters

You Just Might Have a Bieber on Your Hands

The internet is blowing up today with the (not so surprising) news of Justin Bieber’s arrest after alleged drunk driving in Miami today.  In my house, this is tragedy for my 13 year old Belieber. The last few months we have been slowly dethroning Bieber as the King of our tween’s celeb idols, as more […] Read more…


A Reason (of many) to Homeschool

Spontaneous field trip when a bear was stuck in a tree by our house! I have been searching for years for an explanation to my daughters extreme difficulties in math.  I see her struggle with number sense and pattern recognition, and even see math skill difficulties filter into other subjects, such as the ability to […] Read more…

Subway Terminal

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

I’ve been living in a dream.  This magical place where my only offspring is half girl, and half woman.  I watch her, with her long hair and flawless skin, getting dressed in clothes that flatter her lovely almost 14 year old figure, and I know that she’s coming into her own self – a time […] Read more…


I’m a Big Quitter!

I was raised in a loving home where my brother and I were encouraged to try new things, with parents who were always there to support us.  We also didn’t quit things.  At least we didn’t quit things easily or without giving it a really good try.  I’m thankful that my mom and dad cultivated […] Read more…


How Many Do You Have Left?

Wow, this has been a trying season of life for me.  Looking for balance, and it is proving to be difficult!   This was my facebook status on October 30, 2013.  The amount of messages I received after publicly sharing this detail of my private life was astounding.  Clearly, I was not alone in this […] Read more…

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