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Raising Empathetic Kids

Raising Empathetic Kids

In an attempt to flood my social media feeds with positivity, I follow what I consider are some really great people, companies, blogs, and personal accounts. People like Jen Hatmaker and Col. Chris Hadfield, and blogs and companies like Happy Soul Project, Humans of New York, and A Mighty Girl. Ted, The Better Mom, Brene […] Read more…

You Climb, I'll take pictures

You climb! I’ll take pictures.

Do you remember when your big kids were still little, and you’d sit in tiny chairs, and drink imaginary tea from tiny pink cups (that were covered in drool and germs)? You would happily pretend to be a dog, and crawl around on the floor barking (was that just at my house?). You’d build forts […] Read more…

John McCrae postage stamp

A Poppy for Memorial Day

I’m Canadian, and in my homeland, we honor our veterans on November 11th, or Remembrance Day as we call it.  It marks the end of the violence during World War 1.  As you might imagine, it is a day to remember those who have served in the armed forces, to defend our freedom. Remembrance Day […] Read more…

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