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Teen Prasso Review

Teen Prasso {Curriculum Review}

I’ve always struggled to consistently study the Bible with Laine. We talk about it a lot. We recall scripture and discuss God and Jesus and have lots of conversations about how the Holy Spirit is moving around us. But I haven’t prioritized studying the Bible with her. I always have good intentions. Every year I Google and […] Read more…

Who's Voice Are They Listening To?

Whose Voice Are They Listening To?

If you’ve ever worked for a church, you’ll understand that it comes with it’s own unique set of pros and cons. I work for my church in New Jersey, and since I began about 5 months ago, I’m thankful to say I’ve seen more of the upside than the down. One of my favorite things […] Read more…

Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World {A Review}

The classic film Jurassic Park was released on June 11th, 1993 – exactly 22 years ago as I type this. I was graduating from 8th grade, 14 years old, and couldn’t have been more excited to get to the theater. NO ONE had seen real dinosaurs before! This level of cinematic realism had rarely been seen in […] Read more…

The Ivy League Experience

The Ivy League Experience {Splash!}

In the Northeast, everyone has an Ivy League school practically in their own backyard. Peppered along the Atlantic coastal region are 8 of the country’s most prestigious educational institutions, known for their academics, athletics and elitist enrollment standards. I’ve never had an interest in pursuing Ivy League status for my daughter. And she’s never shown […] Read more…

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