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Day 3

Cultivating the Conversation – Practicum Day 3, 2014

On our third and final day of practicum, we started with a great discussion on cultivating the conversation. In other words, how do we actually implement this whole rhetoric idea, and what can we do at home with kids of all ages.  We defined rhetoric as ‘communicating truth persuasively,’ or, more poetically, ‘leading souls through words.’ And while […] Read more…


What Is Rhetoric? Practicum Day 1, 2014

My family participates in a classical group learning environment for homeschoolers called Classical Conversations.  There are campuses all over the world, and there’s probably one in your backyard if you live in the USA.  If you would like to learn more, visit  ClassicalConversations.com.  To find out why I love the CC Challenge Program for middle and […] Read more…