2014 Gift Wrap Palette

Christmas GiftsThere is something special about gift wrapping. It builds anticipation… The excitement in the eyes of a toddler about to rip into a huge shiny box is equally as beautiful to see as the love in a woman’s eyes when she is handed a small, simply wrapped jewelry box. For us non-crafty ones, gift wrapping is a place where we can shine! Wrapping paper is pretty all on its own, and adding bows and ribbons is a pretty simple task. A smidgen of creativity is all it takes to do something a little unexpected!

Every year since immigrating to America, we have traveled home to Canada to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year. International border crossings are not friendly to wrapped gifts, and we’ve actually had to unwrap our presents in the past so the officer could verify their contents. Lugging various papers, ribbons, and bows isn’t too convenient when traveling, so, for the past few years, my gift wrapping has been lackluster at best.

Gifts WrappedBut this year, we will wake up in our own cozy beds on Christmas morning, and I have been absolutely thrilled to be filling the tree with gifts for the past few weeks! It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until their are presents under the glowing lights of a Christmas tree, and with each day that passes, my family’s excitement is growing – we can’t wait to snip the ribbons and tear into the paper to see what treasures lay underneath.

I wanted to share with you what I chose for my gift wrap palette this year. Since we have the distinct pleasure of staying home for The Big Day, I went all out with new paper, ribbon, and gift tags, and I am so pleased with the results. With so many stores carrying a huge array of gift wrap, it can be quite affordable as well, and I was ecstatic to spend very little on this project!

Gift Wrap PaletteFirst off, I chose my paper. Totally inspired by a more simplistic and minimalist look, I chose 4 complimentary papers. With regular old craft paper at the helm, I then chose 3 coordinating papers. Another simple red, then two designed papers – a delicate pattern and a large bolder one.

While seeking inspiration on Pinterest, I came across a brilliant idea – Baker’s Twine to use as ribbon! And I was lucky enough to find it in ribbon form at Ikea in 2 varying shades – perfect for contrast! I also picked up some simple red and white ribbon, which have been perfect to add a pop of color, or to compliment the more complicated twine.Gift Tags Gift Wrap Ribbon

To finish things off, gift tags! Pouring over the aisles at Target was daunting, but I’m thrilled with what I chose. I especially love the square tags with black details – they added just the pop of darkness I needed to break up the mostly red and brown palette.

I’ve had so much fun playing with these papers and ribbons! The ideas have been endless, although, some of them have failed miserably! I’ve re-cut and re-tied and re-taped. My non-crafty fingers struggle with the delicate nature of gift wrapping. But I’m thrilled with the result, and I actually feel happier these days by just looking across the room to my Christmas tree, seeing all the gifts that await us in just a few more sleeps!


What’s your gift wrap looking like this year? Special? Plain? Whipped together on Christmas Eve? I’d love to see! Upload your pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #SixMoreSummersGiftWrap so we can all share in the tragedy and triumph of your gift wrapping skills!

Here are the links to all my picks for this year!

Holiday Deer on Kraft Paper – Target
Vintermys Gift Wrap in assorted patterns – Ikea
Vintermys Gift Wrap in red – Ikea
Vintermys Ribbon – Ikea
Framstalla Ribbon – Ikea
Vintermys Ribbon in assorted colors – Ikea
Holiday Pocket Gift Tags – Target
Holiday Pocket Gift Tags – Target

2 comments on 2014 Gift Wrap Palette

  1. Mary
    December 14, 2014 at 9:56 pm (4 years ago)

    I’m wrapping some of our gifts with pages from an out of date travel atlas; for a few others I’ll use fabric gift bags (that I made out of thrifted red/white plaid cotton bed sheets). I’m going with the re-use, repurpose route again this year. It’s a frugal, zero-waste option.

    • amygarwood
      December 15, 2014 at 9:28 pm (4 years ago)

      Wow! You are must more creative than me!


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